1. "I really can’t believe it."

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  2. I’ve always thought that the job of us adults was getting kids to take the lead and run in the vanguard. But I suppose, eventually when we get overtaken, to smile and see them off is also the job of an adult

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    But what does Tuxedo Mask want with Kaneki!?

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  4. "In honor of the series’ 15th anniversary, a pair of anime projects have been announced. A sequel to the original Digimon Adventure featuring a 17-year-old Tai/Taichi with a high school age cast has been revealed. Along with that upcoming anime, the 15th anniversary event also announced plans to release a Japanese Blu-ray set of the original Adventure."

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  5. He belongs to me!!! He belongs to you?

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    P3P ハム子さん

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